Spiritual Disciplines: Evangelism


Sermon Summary


February 2, 2020

Shawn Stinson





John 1:35–42 (Jesus Calls the First Disciples)

John 1:43–51 (Jesus Calls Philip and Nathanael)

John 3:16–21 (For God so Loved the World)

John 4:27–30 (Woman at the Well)

John 9:24–34 (Jesus Heals a Blind Man)


  • Intro: You have a voice and a purpose
  • The Post-Christian, Intolerant, Jesus-inoculated, secular culture we Iive in
  • The Evangelism of Jesus
    • Jesus is relational and present
    • Jesus is aware of others around him
    • Jesus promises power
    • Jesus is powered by love, not condemnation
    • Jesus calls to repentance and new life
    • Jesus evangelism multiplies
  • What are our hindrances to sharing the Gospel?
    • We think we need more training and knowledge
    • We measure success by conversion, not delivery
    • We don’t think we have time
    • We don’t ask people good questions, or listen to answers
    • Our life doesn’t reflect Christ-likeness
    • We are fearful of how people will respond or see us different
    • We think people don’t care
  • We must repent of our lack of love for the people in our lives


"Evangelism isn't just for the people you're going to share the gospel with, evangelism shapes us."

"I wonder if more of us are more gospel tourists, we just want to consume what God has given us, rather than gospel ambassadors, that we want to take what God has given us and then go into other countries and share that goodness."

"Evangelism in the New Testament is almost always immediate. When you hear good news, you share good news, there's no delay. There's an urgency in the gospel I think we've lost."

"I wonder if some of our gospel ministry and evangelism doesn't work because we're just not looking."

"If you've been a Christian longer than 30 seconds, you're authorized to be an evangelist. The Bible doesn't separate Jesus's followers from people who share the gospel and people who don't share the gospel. If you've received the Living Water, you have the Living Water and you can give the Living Water."

"The Post Office measures its success based on if the message was delivered, not if the recipient liked the content. The success of evangelism is delivery, not conversion."

"We have time, we just need to reallocate it."

"We don't have a lack of evangelism, we have a lack of love for the people God loves."

Sending Questions

  1. What most inspired you about the evangelism ways of Jesus?
  2. What hindrance to Gospel sharing most challenges you?
  3. What practices can we do as a community to cultivate love of neighbors in our community?
  4. How can we repent in our lack of evangelism and love and take up the full life Jesus offers?


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