Knowing God

  • Through Christ, we have amazing opportunity to demonstrate inclusiveness across race, class, and age. How would the world be transformed if the church took hold of this truth and lived it out across our city?

  • God doesn't operate in karma, but in grace. Where God should punish and discipline He gives mercy. Where we have loved evil, His love loved us more.


    The message of grace is simple to receive, but takes a lifetime to learn. We enjoyed sharing the message of grace with you Sunday, and hope that grace becomes a hallmark of how God sees us, and how we can treat others.

  • Ephesians 2 dives into the things working against our healthy relationship with Knowing God the Father. Specifically, the environment of the world, the sin in our heart, and the chaos/lies of the enemy, all combine in a strong storm to shake our faith and keep us from fully experiencing the love and mercy of God.

  • You may not know it, but there is a resource, a power, a strength that you have in Christ that is greater than any other worldly institution or spirit.


    Last Sunday, Pastor Shawn preached on Knowing the Power of God. Check out the Sermon Summary below.

  • Are we relying on head-knowledge alone as the bride of Christ? Or are we cultivating and excavating the mysterious and wondrous riches of Christ made known to us (heart-knowledge). 


    Brandon preached from Ephesians 1, check out the summary below.