The Art of Neighboring

Jesus's most famous prayer is still unanswered in John 17, that the church would be one and united in Him.

We are excited to start a new sermon series with 100 other churches in Charlotte this Sunday on the greatest commandment to love our neighbor in hopes of unifying the church in Charlotte, as well as revisiting the amazing calling to be good neighbors and loving the people that live close to us.

  • Welcome to the third and final week of our series, The Art of Neighboring, as our church is participating with approximately 100 churches in the greater Charlotte area, reaching over 60,000 people in those churches in our city with a unified message of THE central teaching of love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.

  • This past week our prayer was for God to give us His heart for the people that are in closest proximity to us. When we love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength we will also replicate that love to the people closest to us.

    The one challenge that continues to come up is lack of time. This week we are going to keep pressing into loving our physical neighbors, and how we have to create space in our life to build relationships.

  • Objectively, most Christians see the biblical and practical need for connection to the church and love for the family of God.
    But many of you have experienced the disappointment of your community not meeting expectations you had for the family of God. Some of you may be limiting the capacity for God to transform your life because of a lack of commitment to people around you.
    In any case, Psalm 133, gives us a positive and powerful picture of the blessing of unified spiritual connection. Join us Sunday to receive and practice this truth of community.