You Can't Say That At Church

Redemption Church takes a look at what the Bible says about some "controversial" topics such as politics, money, sex and mental health.

  • There has been a great turnaround in the media around the challenges of mental health with a growing awareness of how significant this space is for overall health that spans across so many sectors of our world. But what does the Bible say about mental health and mental illness? Can Christians struggle with depression and anxiety? Is there physical medical healing we should pursue, or should we just trust Jesus?

    These are serious questions, and we're glad we can have this conversation. 

  • One of the hottest topics in the world today centers around sexual identity and expression. And one of the the highest ideals and values of our culture today is having a fulfilling and satisfying romantic relationship.

    The church doesn't often speak into these areas, but the Bible speaks to the most important identity we have, that we are made in the image of God.

  • Being honest with yourself - how would you rate your level of self-sufficiency? How might you describe your neediness? Would you consider yourself more worldly-wealthy or more kingdom-wealthy? What even is kingdom-wealthiness?

    Jesus speaks to the church in Laodicea with both heavy reproof and great grace in way that the church here in Charlotte should consider also for themselves.

  • Red and Blue. Black and white. There’s so much division in the political arena today, and so little room for conversation. And the church has remained separate from the conversation of politics, by nature of the church and state separation.

    But how did Jesus engage in the political sphere around him? What does the Bible say about political engagement or disengagement?