Update: Our Six Week Goals

Two months ago I mentioned a few short term goals for Redemption’s discipleship strategy in a “We Are the Church” sermon on what’s coming next. The first goal being a review of our discipleship strategy, and the second, a beginning of our middle school ministry. I wanted to take some time to update you all on our progress as we tackle these goals.

We have started discussion with Allie Riley who specializes in program assessment and development to do a review of our current discipleship strategy and work towards refining that strategy to launch anew in the fall. This includes our Community Group ministry, Discipleship Pods, summer classes, and other spiritual formation components.

Our initial phase includes doing a few simple focus groups with senior leadership, ministry team leads, Community Group leaders, and Discipleship Pod leaders. The goal is to assess current structures and delivery methods, and see what has been the most successful (long term heart change) methods. We plan to do a short survey before the summer open to all, and are planning to launch a more complete discipleship strategy in the fall.

Secondly, two Redemption women have started meeting with our middle school girls for one-on-one relationship building and discipleship. While this isn’t a full fledged middle school ministry, the intention is to provide some generational development with older women (and eventually men) pouring into the younger ones. With middle school being a tough transition, there is a great opportunity here as our Redemption kids grow into Redemption youth.

Let’s keep praying for God to do great long term, heart level work in all of our ministry areas.

If you are interested in supporting either of these ministries, please email us at

-Pastor Shawn