You Can't Say That At Church: Politics


Sermon Summary


November 3, 2019

Pastor Shawn





PrimaryMark 12:13–17 (paying taxes to Caesar)

SupportingMatthew 16:13–19 (keys to the kingdom),  1 Peter 2:13–17 (submission to authority)


  • Intro: Where are we today?
  • Kingdom of God: What is God doing?
  • Power of the Kingdom
  • People of the Kingdom
  • Place of the Kingdom
  • Your Kingdom come: How should we live?

What does it mean to be Christian in our world today?

  1. Christians pray
  2. Christians pay taxes
  3. Christians submit to Government
  4. Christians are primarily accountable to God
  5. Christians should not seek to recreate a Christian nation
  6. Christians should be actively aware of issues that plague our nation
  7. Christians should trust Christ


"The Kingdom of God is bigger than the church."

"Kingdom Work is being faithful for King Jesus, and fervent in Kingdom Work for others."

"The life of prayer is just connecting truth in our head to the experience of our heart."

"We are required to follow the laws of the government, we do not need to worship the government."

"Christians are primarily accountable to God, we must follow the Priority of Authority, which is God's authority as expressed in government authority and if government authority opposes God's authority, we must follow God because His kingdom is greater.:

"Worldly kingdoms come and go, but God's Kingdom doesn't come and go, God's Kingdom is coming."

"It's worth our investment to seek the good things God wants for His kingdom in the ways of law.

"It can be possible for us to create a new culture of kingdom mindfulness in our political system."

"The real issue is not government, the real issue is people's hearts."


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