Redemption Kids is a place where children experience Jesus at their level and learn to share the love of Jesus with those around them- in our city and beyond.

We invite children ages 6 months through 5th grade to visit our city within the city, as we navigate following Jesus together. Through creative, age-appropriate Bible teaching and fun, engaging activities, children will explore the four pillars of Redemption Church- Jesus, Scripture, Community, Mission. With our compass pointed to the True North, kids will learn how to Show Our City Jesus to even the youngest of citizens.

Welcome Wagon


The journey of the Redemption Kids experience begins at the Welcome Wagon Registration Station. Staff and Volunteers will be ready to greet you and guide you through the Registration Process. After registering, children will be assigned a Discipleship Destination according to age group:


Community Club (6 months-24 months)


In Community Club, our youngest children learn the core value of Community and build relationships with others and Jesus through interactive free play, music, and introductory Bible teaching.

Jesus Juncture (2K-4K)

Jesus Juncture focuses on the core value of Jesus by introducing children to Jesus on their level. Kids will discover who Jesus is and learn that Jesus loves them and wants to be their friend. Small groups will begin with free play, then transition to a time of learning and activities in large group (see Mission Meeting Place) and small group settings.

Scripture Street (Kindergarten- 5th grade)


On Scripture Street, children build on the foundation of Jesus at their level and discover the core value of Scripture. Through an expanding focus on the Bible in both large group (see Mission Meeting Place) and small group settings, children will learn how they can apply the Bible to their daily lives.

Mission Meeting Place


While in their Discipleship Destinations, children ages 2k-5th grade will venture to Mission Meeting Place where they learn the core value of living on Mission through an interactive group worship and teaching session.


This live-action production will integrate songs, games, and stories to engage children according to their age level and present the truths of the Bible in fun, approachable, and applicable ways.

Home Highway

The Home Highway is a partnership between our Redemption Kids programs on Sundays and our families throughout the week. We offer materials and activity ideas to coincide with our current lessons and inspire families to talk about Jesus in their household. This is also a great way for our families participating virtually to stay engaged with our program. To register for the Home Highway resources to be delivered to your inbox, please click here.

At Redemption Kids, your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us. From sign-in security to DSS compliance, we strive to provide an environment for children to learn about Jesus that is both fun and safe! 

Planning on Attending in Person? 

Want to experience Redemption Kids virtually?


We provide resources to coincide with our in-person lessons and inspire families to talk about Jesus in their household throughout the week.


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